Some time ago I fell in love with the wonderful long gradients of Schoppel Zauberball. Of course, I immediately had to have a few of these beauties. I wanted fingerring weight, but unfortunately I ordered the laceweight variant by mistake. So now, what to do with them? I browsed in Ravelry for hours for suitable lace projects but nothing caught my eye.

So what, since I fancy myself a designer I’ll just make my own stuff! So I put away my other two design projects which got stuck a little bit anyhow.  For quite some time I wanted to make a half-pi shawl, so these were my requirements: laceweight, half-circle, a little bit on the romantic side, but not too kitschy … here we go. I proudly present my “Sundowner”.


The name is inspired by the lovely color gradient in reds and pinks that reminds me of a sunset and in my mind I saw myself sitting on a terrace by the Mediterranean, sipping a cool cocktail and wrapping myself in a soft lace shawl against the fresh evening breeze … wouldn’t that be lovely?


The body of the shawl features alternating stripes of stockinette stitch and an easy lace pattern which highlights the long gradient to perfection.


And the edge is adorned with romantic horseshoe lace and a picot bind-off.

The pattern will go into testing in a few days – if you are interested to be a test knitters keep an eye on on my Ravelry group, the LanaCabana blog,, the Facebook page or Instagram.

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