There are things in sewing for which I do not have much patience, like fusing on interfacing or marking the darts of a pattern. Somehow I feel that it takes too long to work with chalk paper and I am not even speaking about thread tracing here. For my everyday sewing I am using a faster technique which works very well for me.

Mostly I am using transparent foil for my patterns, I prefer this to paper patterns for various reasons. For once it is really practical to have a see-through pattern for fabric matching. Furthermore the foil is much sturdier than the flimsy paper and for my dart technique the patterns gets folded over a pin. Paper patterns tend to tear here, but my foil patterns are staying whole.

First, I place the pattern on the fabric …


… and mark the lower end points of the dart with small clips.


Then I place a pin a tin bit above the point of the dart (pinning through fabric and foil).


The I fold back the foil pattern over the pin so that the fabric is now lying open. The position of the dart point can be seen very well.


Now you can trace a line between the dart point and the clipped dart end with chalk and a ruler.


Do the same for the other leg of the dart. Be careful not to distort the fabric while drawing the line.


And here we have a perfect dart, marked in just a few minutes.




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