So. Since December 23, 2016 our little village is now official part of the mordern world, we finally have a highspeed internet connection – yay! This means that I have to think about new excuses for not blogging, since the slow internet not longer is an issue. Neflix, Amazon Prime … so many temptations 🙂

But in fact I resolved to blog more frequently because it is now really so much easier if you don’t have to wait for half an hour to upload just one little image.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions: I want to do more sewing. I have so many patterns lying around that I never tested and so many fabrics … a lot to do for 2017.

The first projects I already decided upon are firstly Simplicity 8050 from this lovely red rayon fabric. Probably View A with blue piping, but maybe short sleeved as the rayon is really lightweight and more suitable for summer.


Project No. 2 is this lovely plaid winter fabric that wants to become a dress. Actually, I think I’ll start with this one since this is more consistent with the actual season. So let’s get started!


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