In case you asked yourself why it is so quiet here – I have been working in the background. Since about two years I am toying with the idea to try my luck as a knitting designer and at the beginning of 2016 the decision was finally made: I will do it!

From this moment on I started to work on the project in earnest: I designed a few models, knitted, ribbed, knitted again, wrote patterns, discarded them, wrote them again, thought about names, drew logos, tried blog designs … and I quickly realized that this is going to be hard work. But work that also was a lot of fun and now I have finally reached the stage to launch the whole thing.

Since the last weekend my designer blog is online and since a few weeks my first design, the summer shawl Submarine is available in my Ravelry-Store. More shawls are in planning, one will be released within the next days.

Shawls? Really? Yes, I know, this is not my usual predatory pattern, but shawls are fun to knit and to design and I don’t have to worry about fitting issues. So this was the ideal entry point into designing before I venture into the stuff that is closest to my heart.

My one true love is vintage knitwear – sweaters, cardis, accessories. And this is going to be the main focus of my designs. Orientated on original designs I want to write patterns for a broad range of sizes. Most of the original patterns are only available in one (mostly rather small) size and I want to make great patterns also for the bigger girls. From my own experience I know that the really cute designs are very rare in larger sizes and I hope that I can put things right here.

In finished my first sweater design Serenity while I was on my summer vacation and I had to wear it straight away. I combined it with a pair of wide shorts which I threw together last minute before setting out for Spain. The are really just a modified version of my hubby’s boxers pattern: lengthend and spread out on the seam to create a culotte-effect. The waisline has a wide elastic band – very fast and easy to sew and very comfortable to wear. I think one can make an exception and let some sun and air get onto one’s legs while on vacation even though they are not as nice any more as the used to be.


Serenity is knit from fine merino yarn (DROPS Baby Merino) and I was sweating quite a bit in the evening sun at the Costa Brava – hence the grumpy face. So she is not suitable for the midsummer heat but I think I will have plenty of opportunities to wear her in the upcoming fall. She also looks really nice with 194oies pants (this was even warmer, by the way).


This model from an issue of Australian Women’s Weekly was the inspiration for Serenity, so she’ll be standing any test of authenticity.


By the way: I still am looking for kind and patient test knitters for Serenity in a few sizes, so if you want to give her a try you can apply in my brandnew Ravelry-Group. The patterns is only available in English at the moment, I am planning a German translation, but it will take few days – err – weeks.

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