Todays outfit is a knit top made using New Look- 6940. I bought the pattern last year, tested it and made a few shirts right away, I love this look with Jean’s, I think the pattern brings out the better “parts” of my not-so-skinny figure. Combined with the Freddis of Pinewood Vintage Workpants it is a sort of hybrid look – not authentic 40ies, more retro inspired. I am not an authenticism fanatic for everyday clothing anyway, so I realyy feel good in this outfit.

I am big fan of New Look patterns which are part of the Simplicity family. I like many of their designs and the fit is very good for my shape – much better than that of the “big 3” Butterick, McCalls and Vogue. Unfortunately they are not as easy to get in Germany and more expensive than in the UK and the USA, a pity.

Todays variation is made from an almost not-stretchy knit (yes, there are knits like that), decorated with pink ribbing. For the ribbing fabric I used a ribbed shirt I bought at a boot sale – I often get lightweight ribbed sweaters or shirts second hand for that purpose, they are much better than most fabric sold als ribbing which is mostly too thin.


No makeup, my self-control is slipping. Can you tell that it’s another home office day? But my hair is done, so no complaints, please.

The pattern offers some nice views, I only made D up to now, sometimes with the tie, sometimes without. But I also like the sleeves of view E, I will try these on the next shirt.

So, not much else to say about the pattern. It is pretty, easy to sew and I like the fit. I have had this shirt for more than a year now as well as the other 3 from the same pattern. I think it is time to make some more, there are still some pretty knits in my stash.





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