Hello dear readers – if you are still out there 😀

For a long time nothing happened here and I had in fact already written up a post that I am going to close this blog – but I just couldn’t bring myself to publish it. I realised that this blog is too close to my heart to give it up just like that so I decided to give myself a little shove and start blogging again.

In fact I have not sewn much in the last few months. On the one hand I do not need so many new outfits since I am working from the home office most of the time. On the other hand I just didn’t have the fun I used to have with my hobby No. 1 and if it isn’t fun then it isn’t a hobby, right? Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t give up sewing altogether, I still see this as a short motivationless period and I still have some ideas I want to make happen in the course of this year.

In lieu thereof I have turned towards my hitherto hobby No. 2: Knitting. This is currently the thing I would like to do all day long. My fingers are constantly prickling and aching to hold needles and my head is burstng with ideas.

And I have a plan. A big plan. Still a secret plan at the moment because I have to prepare things and get ready, but as soon as everything is set, you’ll learn all about it.

Today I show you one of my recent finished knitting projects: the lovely hoodie Fickle Heart by Justyna Lorkowska. It has been snowing again this week, so I am glad to have this beautiful cardi to keep myself warm and cozy.

Made from DROPS Nepal in the beautiful raspberry red no. 8910.

I tweaked the pattern a bit. Justyna has designed the hood in simple stockinette stitch which is also lovely, but I didn’t want it to cover so much of the beautiful cable pattern when it is hanging down the back, so I continued the cables on the hood.

Furthermore, I added a little braid at the button band because I worried that the cardi would be too tight. It turned out that I needn’t have worried, it would have fit even without the braid, but there it is.

Ok, the cardi isn’t exactly slenderizeng, but I love it anyway. It is comfy and cozy and warm and … pink! There cannot be anything wrong with pink, right?

Here’s the link to my Fickle-Heart project page on Ravelry.


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